February 19, 2013 in Body Signs, Health, Speak in Signs, The Body, The language of the body

Truth is, in the throes of being pretty sick, I barely even remember writing this. But in retrospect, it was a turning point and I have been listening to my body deeply since. Listen to yours. Don’t ignore the signs. Live well. Eat healthy and abide the language of the body.


 The body speaks in sign.

Sheds in sign.

Gains in sign.

The body comments

and hurts and grows

small lumps

in signs that

are louder than the rational

wonders of telemetry.


The body will force the issue

cause the stop

cease all superfluous momentum

and simply

become the message.


The body is a magician.

Bumps may appear and disappear

depending on the whims

of the blood, shadows on the pulmonary

haltings of the fibers

the body does not

allow dishonest lives to remain hidden

it reveals

it presents

it embodies

the soul of place

the attitude of this mind

the sorrow in this chest

the release of this solitude

is in the body, of the body

the body is a record.

The body holds things

the body holds memories

the body

tells a story that we didn’t want to hear

at the moment we need to listen.


My body is lighter

while my heavy ancestors

alight from me.

The body has peeled

one layer of burden

in two weeks,

5% of me is gone

In the river of infinite soups

Nyquil and a side of rum.


The body is not done.

The body has a full

system of words

and vocabularies

but most of all signs.


The body speaks in sign.

The signs are all around.

The signs just keep coming.

The body speaks in sign.



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    1. Lucas,

      I shared with my family. I loved your reading on Sunday. Glad you are recovering…

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