Finding the Spring

January 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Isaiah 55:1-11

“Ho, everyone who thirsts,
come to the waters;”

And one day
I found I was a spring
that the my water
was from a shared source
that when I took my metal cup
and scooped the top
the spirit in me rushed in
that I was built with reserves
that prayers were the pump.

Most of all
I learned
that I rationed,
that I had lived parched
for so long
that to slake,
was strange
and I asked myself
what gift is twice denied
in every hour?
and I realized
that we are taught
to be our own tyrants
that we build dams
and shutoff valves
and spigots
and that the water
is always nearby
and when we stop
turning our lives
counter clockwise
our souls can
pour forward,
and join the cycle.

One day I realized
that I was a joiner
not a follower
but a joiner,
and that this
was eternal
that some called it
living in love
but I called it water
and I started to hydrate
so that my cells
could sing
that my cells were not
my prison, but my path
and this is the promise of this
planet that was finished in
water, fire first, but water last
and we are just like our home.

Finding the Spring

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    1. Oliver says:

      I was quite moved by this poem. Thank you for making your sweet words available.

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Finding the Spring

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